Sometimes, a customer who is printing a document may receive the error message ‘Ink system error oxc19a0020’ on the screen of the HP Smart Photo Printer. Before contacting the technical support team, the user can try a few steps to solve the error. Below are tips on How to fix printer error HP oxc19a0020.

Step 1

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer while leaving the power supply on.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer by opening the cartridge installation access cover.
  • Close the access cover and keep the printer turned on. Wait until the machine displays the message ‘Insert ink cartridge’.
  • Next, cut off the power supply and, from the machine, the power cable must be disconnected.
  • Wait a minimum of sixty seconds before reconnecting the power cord. In case the machine does not turn on automatically, do it manually by turning on the power button.
  • Replace the cartridges in the printer and close the access cover.
  • Try printing a calibrated page if possible before starting to print before an appropriate document.
  • Replace the USB cable and connect it to a computer to check if the printing is performing correctly.
  • If this step fails, try the next step.

Step 2

  • Turn off the printer before beginning the process.
  • All ink cartridges in the printer must be removed. In the next step, check and make sure there are no residual tapes in the ink cartridges that were removed.
  • Wear gloves to clean any ink that appears on the printer or cartridges. To remove the ink, the user can also use wet cotton swabs. Continue cleaning the residual ink until the swabs come out clean after cleaning the inked areas of the printer and the cartridges.
  • Check the condition of the cartridges, if they have low status, they are likely to bleed more or have bulging problems. To avoid the problem of leaks, get rid of them as soon as possible. Replace the low-level cartridges with new and original ones.
  • After replacing all cartridges and cleaning the ink-printing machine, unplug the printer. Let it be so for a minimum of one minute. Check once more if the cartridges are bleeding in the machine. If not, start the hp printer and try to print.

Step 3

  • The user can also try to clean the cartridges to solve the problem. To clean the cartridges, use distilled water to moisten a lint-free cloth.
  • Clean the copper-colored area of the cartridge very gently.
  • Then, use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the area that was wiped with the damp cloth.
  • Wait for a minimum of ten minutes for the cartridges to dry and replace them in the slot of the machine cartridge.
  • Consult the control panel if more error messages are displayed, if not, try using the printer after reconnecting it to the computer.
  • If the error message ‘Inks in the oxc19a0020 system’ appears again, contact HP customer service for assistance.

HP printers are one of the top quality and the most commonly used printers in offices and homes. However, these printers, in spite of superior quality, with a brand name of its own, do face their occasional technical hiccups like other technical products. The most common problem of the HP printer is the PRINTER ERROR OXC19A0020. The printer displays the message, “Ink System Failure oxc19a0020” on the screen and usually this error might occur in middle of any task. What do you do? Here, in this article, let us find out how to solve this printer error.

HP Printer Error OXC19A0020

Causes OXC19A0020 Error HP Printer Machine

The HP Printer Error Message Oxc19a0020 means that there is a problem with the printhead.

Troubleshooting Steps HP Printer Error OXC19A0020
Steps To Solve HP Printer Error Oxc19a0020

Method 1: Re-installing the cartridges

Disconnect the USB cable
Keep the printer on
Open the printer cover
Take out the cartridges
Wait for sometime
Now, close the cover
“Insert Ink Cartridges” message is displayed
Now, remove the power cord from the printer
Wait for 60 seconds
Connect the power cord to the wall outlet and the printer
The printer turns on
Open the cover
Insert the print cartridges
Close the printer cover
Print a calibration page
Connect the USB cable
Now print
Method 2: Cleaning or replacing the cartridges

Remove the cartridges as given in above steps
Check for any residual tape on the cartridge
Clean the contacts, ink spots on the cartridges and within the printer itself
Use dry cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt
If your cartridge is leaking, then get new cartridges
Now, reinstall the cartridge
Turn off your device
Un-plug all cable and power cord
Wait for few minutes
Now, connect the power cord and USB cable
Now print
Still facing Ink System Failure oxc19a0020? Not to Worry

Call us at Technical Support For Printer to resolve your issue. If the issue still persists even after trying the methods given above, it means that your printer’s printhead might be damaged. Before replacing it, get in touch with professional experts like us. We deal with all printer problems. We deal with all HP printer models. Our team is technically experienced to resolve your HP printer error oxc19a0020.

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