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How to fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

Standard is perhaps the most dependable and notable brand fabricating printers. Despite the fact that Canon is the most incredible in its field yet that doesn’t make their printers completely mistake-free. Just like some other printers, various issues have been accounted for by Canon clients now and again. Today we will talk about one of the most widely recognized blunder issues of Canon printers which is the Canon printer mistake 5100. In this article, I will list the causes and arrangements of the mistake.To know more about such topics go to Tech For India.

Causes for Canon Printer Error 5100

There could be many causes that compel your printer to show the Canon printer blunder 5100 warning. These include:

This might be a direct result of paper jam inside the machine

The ink tank could expect to be accurately introduced

The defensive material may be keeping away from the print head from moving reasonably.

This might be added because of trash in the carriage head

A minor error emerges due to an inappropriate boot-up or close-down process.

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Solution for Canon Printer Error 5100

Unfortunately, Canon mistake 5100 connotes an equipment issue in your printer. Assuming the mistake is the aftereffect of an awful engine/gear/belt, bowed/harmed rail, or a terrible print, there isn’t anything you can do aside from supplanting the thing straightforwardly. Yet, assuming the issue is the consequence of some flawed setting or cleaning of related stuff, then we have given an arrangement that you can use to tackle the issue. Consequently, without burning through any additional time allows going to the fundamental point.

Solution #1: Reset Printer and Reseat the Ink Cartridges

Assuming the Canon mistake 5100 starts happening after you adjust the ink cartridges then it is achievable that the cartridges are not reasonably situated in the position. In this present circumstance, you expect to eliminate the cartridge and afterward reinstall it in its position again to fix the issue. On the off chance that you don’t have any idea how to appropriately introduce a cartridge, then, at that point, follow the referenced beneath steps cautiously:

At first, switch off the Canon printer and afterward separate the power link from the electrical plug.

  • Presently, Switch on the Power button while you plug the link back in.
  • In this way, click the Stop/Reset button two times while holding down the power button. By executing this progression you will actually want to initiate the manufacturing plant method of your printer.
  • Presently, utilize the route key from your printer’s control board to get the Shipping Mode 3 on the LCD show. When you observe it click the Ok button to pick the choice.
  • In this way, attempt to print a test page by tapping the “Stop/Reset” button when you see the “Without Cleaning” notice.
  • Presently delicately lift the Canon printer cover and trust that the cartridge will move to one side. When the cartridges move to the left eliminate the attachment of the printer from the power source.
  • From that point onward, lift out both ink cartridges and afterward shut the cover before you turn on the printer.
  • Then, at that point, stand by till you view the message that says Replace Cartridges and when its portion reinstall the cartridge back in its place
  • Along these lines, stand by a couple of moments until the printer perceives the cartridges.

Solution #2: Clean the Printhead

It can likewise be attainable that you are confronting the Canon printer mistake 5100 issue on account of stopped-up spouts. In this present circumstance, you need to run a spout check to fix this particular blunder. You can likewise clean the print heads if fundamental. Once finished, attempt to look at the situation with the printer. This time, clearly, you will actually want to determine the matter with your gadget. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to run a mechanized instrument to clean the printhead, then, at that point, follow the means recorded underneath:

  • At first, load plain white paper on the info plate.
  • From that point onward, contact the button close to the Setup symbol in the lower-left corner of the control board of the Canon printer.
  • Then, utilize the route key to pick Tools, and afterward, contact OK.
  • Yet again accordingly, utilize the Right Arrow button to pick Clean Printhead, and click OK. When that’s what you do, the printer will start the programmed cleaning process.

Solution: #3: Fix the Alignment (For Mac)

On the off chance that the issue is happening after you introduce another cartridge, it is plausible Canon mistake 5100 issue was incited in view of some unacceptable arrangement. To determine the issue with the arrangement, you can execute the means referenced beneath:

At first, load a couple of sheets in the Canon printer, and afterward turn On your PC.

  • From the System Preferences of your PC, open the ‘Print and Scan’ to pick your Canon printer.
  • Presently, select the ‘Choices and Supplies’ choice for the printer and next pick Utility.
  • Therefore, open Printer Utility to pick Print Head Alignment and afterward click Next.
  • Then, pick Print to print an arrangement sheet and afterward really look at the printed design.
  • Presently, adhere to the guidelines on the screen to choose the number addressing the best-printed design for each set, and in the wake of choosing each example, number snap Next. Be that as it may, assuming no examples are adjusted in at least one of the sets, select the nearest one in each set and tap Realignment.
  • From that point forward, print another arrangement sheet and look at it and when you obtain your ideal outcome click on the Finish button to finish the arrangement.

Solution #4: Check the Tape of the Cartridges

Assuming the Canon printer mistake 5100 issue is happening after the establishment of another cartridge and in the event that there is no issue, for example, an off-base arrangement or an off-base seating of cartridge, then the following thing you should do is check the Cartridge Tape of your new Canon ink cartridge. The new cartridges of Canon are for the most part outfitted with a defensive plastic strip to stay away from ink spilling. The greater part of the new clients neglects to remove this defensive plastic from the cartridge which at last causes the Canon 5100 issue. In this way, in the event that you observe that the tape is yet in the cartridge, you need to eliminate it to fix the issue.

Solution #5: Check for Jammed Papers

Paper sticking is an incredibly normal issue among all brands of printers. It is additionally one of the significant foundations for setting off blunder code 5100. Consequently, when you get the 5100 blunder issue, you can likewise check assuming that the paper stalls out in your printer or not.

To analyze it, essentially open the printer from the backboard. On the off chance that it is truly stuck, get out the whole stuck paper right away. On the off chance that the jam paper issue is concerning you still, it is practical that you are utilizing some unacceptable paper size for your printer. To get the right paper size data for your printer you can really look at the manual.

Solution #6: Clean the Timing Film

Assuming that nothing from what was just mentioned strategies works for you to fix the issue, then, at that point, your last choice will be to clean the timing film of your printer. As per the client’s audit, many individuals are ready to fix the Canon 5100 issue by cleaning this film. On the off chance that you don’t have any idea what timing film is then, a slim piece of plastic stumbles into the width of the gadget added to the drive repertoire. For a purpose, in the event that it got grimy by a little, your printer will quit printing and show the 5100 mistake issue.

In this present circumstance, simply utilize a clammy build-up free paper towel and wipe the whole soil from the film. Whenever you have cleaned the strip, plug the gadget back once more and actually take a look at the situation with the blunder.


We wish that after following the above-mentioned steps, you would have easily fixed Canon printer error 5100 easily. If not so or you are unable to fix it because of any reason


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